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EpicVapes E-Nano Vaporizers

The E-Nano vaporizer took the world by storm because no one really knew about log vaporizers. E-Nano entered the industry with a reputation of this way of vaping being a little strange, but then reports about it pulling like a dream and offering extreme efficiency started to pop up.

If you haven’t tried the E-Nano before or want something that outperforms the Arizer Solo, don’t overlook log vapes.

What is a Log Vape?

log vape

The E-nano line from EpicVapes are log vaporizers. Log vapes are efficient and, as you may have guessed, made from wood. They’re small and handcrafted in most cases.

They’re made by true artisans, and no two pieces are the same.

Because their bowl sizes are so small, log vapes are usually best for microdoses.

But the E-nano XL is an exception because it offers something most log vaporizers don’t: adjustable bowl sizes.

E-Nano Vaporizer

epicvape e nano vaporizer
E-Nano Vape (walnut)

The E-Nano (not the XL version, which is up next) is handcrafted in the United States. It’s potent, efficient and truly a revolutionary vape.

Top-tier Construction

When the manufacturer first opened its doors, the company was a one-man operation, and the quality was outstanding. This same pride and dedication remain in the E-Nano today, thanks in part to the handcrafted design, hardwood finishes and stainless-steel components.

Rapid Heat-up Time

E-Nano’s compact size and adjustable temperature cord empower users to vape on their own terms. Heat-up time is a mere 2 – 3 minutes, but a lot of users prefer to wait longer.


A longer wait time leads to better clouds and smooth pulling. You need to find the temperature range that works best for you, so:

  • Start with the temperature on max
  • Lower the temperature to find your happy medium

There’s even a standby mode, which allows you to keep the vape at a lower temperature and ensures a rapid heat-up time for future settings.

Convenient Bowl Adjustments

Not sure how big of a load to put in the bowl? Slide the metal screen with the glass stem to adjust for a smaller or larger dose. You can use 0.25 grams easily, but don’t waste your loads. Many people use much smaller loads and get amazing hits from their log vaporizer.

You can use concentrates in this bowl, but it doesn’t come with a mesh insert. It’s best to buy a concentrate pad that fits nice and snug into the bowl.

Easy Temp Adjustments

You can go up to 560°F with this unit using multiple different adjustment levels. One gripe we have with the E-Nano is that we would like to see a digital temperature adjustment, but it’s not a major concern either way.

When your unit arrives, the box contains virtually everything you need:

wood vaporizer
What’s in the Box
  • E-Nano vaporizer
  • Quick Start guide
  • 110v cord
  • Glass stem
  • Basket screen
  • Multi-tool

Tech Specs

The E-Nano is small, compact and super-efficient with impressive specs:

  • Dimensions: 3.75” tall x 2” diameter
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Max temperature: 560°F
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Detachable power cord

Who’s the E-Nano Good For?

Fans of microdosing who want a small log vaporizer will find that the E-Nano exceeds expectations. You can get a strong hit out of just a small amount of material, and let’s face it: the wood design looks like a modern piece of home décor.

Who’s the E-Nano Not Good For?

If you’re not a fan of microdosing, then the E-nano may not be a good fit for you. A bigger and more powerful desktop vaporizer may work better for your needs.

E-Nano XL Vaporizer

E-Nano XL(walnut)

The XL E-Nano is a desktop vape with a discreet design and impressive performance. It’s a log vape on steroids and provides an even better experience than the E-nano.

The XL-E has an improved temperature dial, a better build, adjustable bowl and other great features that make it a fan favorite.

Compact, Quality Design

Don’t let the XL-E in this vape’s name fool you – this is still a compact vaporizer. At just 4.25” tall, the XL-E is small.

Each vaporizer is made in the U.S. from sustainable hardwood and has an aluminum base for added durability. These are true hardwood vaporizers – no laminates included. They use a natural shellac finish for their units and never use any paints or lacquers.

They offer a few options for hardwood: Cherry, Maple, Walnut, etc.

Inside of the vape is a custom ceramic heating element. The glass stem has a stainless steel screen, which is where you pack your material. Your herb will only be touching ceramic, stainless steel and glass, so the flavor is rich and pure.

Highly Efficient

The XL-E has full convection heat, making it very efficient for vaping dry herbs. There’s no need to worry about wasted material because your herb only vaporizes when you inhale.

The XL-E also has an improved temperature dial that’s attached to the power cord. The simple design is more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

Dosage Flexibility

With the XL-E, you have the freedom to adjust the bowl size. You can add very little herb for stronger hits, or enjoy longer sessions with a bigger bowl size. The XL-E has a larger heater than the original E-nano, so it can stand up to bigger appetites.

Easy Maintenance

The XL-E is easy to clean and maintain. The heater only needs a quick brush. Just soak the glass pieces to give them a deep cleaning, and you’re ready for your next session.

e-nano xl
What’s in the Box
  • XL-E vaporizer
  • Multi-tool
  • Long glass stem and basket screen
  • Power adapter with variable temperature

Tech Specs

The XL-E has some impressive features and specs. The adjustable bowl is one of the biggest advantages of this log vaporizer. It also comes equipped with a larger glass stem bowl and a larger heater than the original E-nano.

Here’s a rundown of the vape’s technical specs:

  • Dimensions: 4.25” tall x 2” diameter
  • Weight: 6.63 ounces
  • Max temperature: 560°F
  • 3-year warranty
  • Detachable power cord

Who’s the XL-E Good For?

The XL-E is a great option for anyone who loves log vaporizers but wants more flexibility with their sessions. With the XL-E’s adjustable bowl size, you can have a small session or a large session – the choice is yours.

The XL-E has a 50% larger heater and bowl than the original E-nano. That’s impressive, and it produces bigger, thicker hits.

Who’s the XL-E Not Good For?

The XL-E can be enjoyed by most people, but if you only prefer small sessions and are a true microdose purist, you may not want or need the adjustable bowl that comes with this vape.

Final Thoughts

EpicVapes’ E-Nano vaporizers are some of the best log vaporizers on the market today. They allow for true micro-dosing and have a compact size that anyone can appreciate in a desktop vape. The fact that your herb only touches wood, stainless steel and ceramic means that the vapor is pure and flavorful. And with the XL-E, you can adjust your bowl size to enjoy bigger sessions whenever the mood strikes.