G Pen Connect For Sale

The G Pen Connect Review

The G Pen Connect is a new E-nail from LA-based Grenco Science. Lightning-fast heat-up time, amazing clouds and a convenient design are just a few of the benefits of the G Pen Connect. But is it worth adding to your vape arsenal?

Let’s take a closer look at what this device has to offer.

What is the G Pen Connect?

The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary way to consume concentrates. It heats up in seconds (five to be exact) and delivers quality vapor without having to worry about torches or exposed nails.

The G Pen Connect uses a ceramic heating element and takes advantage of reverse airflow technology to vaporize concentrates more efficiently. It’s the ceramic heating element that makes the difference in creating smooth, tasty vapor.

What’s really great about this dab rig is that it connects with any glass-on-glass water piece in: 10mm :: 14mm :: 18mm

So, it’s a great partner for female-jointed water pieces. If you don’t have any glass yet or want to expand your collection, Grenco Science has plenty of options to meet your needs. But it will work with any glass that you have, so there’s no need to spend extra on accessories if you don’t want to.

G Pen Connect Special Editions For Sale

The G Pen Connect collection also includes a few special editions that add style and flair to the device. Each limited-edition offering was designed in collaboration with local artists.

Limited editions also include:

  • Male glass adapter and connector
  • Replacement O-rings

Cookies X

The Cookies X Connect special edition was designed in collaboration with Bay Area entrepreneur and rapper Berner. Like other limited-edition releases, this model has a fully customized design. Each kit includes:

  • Tank
  • Housing
  • Connect battery
  • Hemp travel case

The iconic baby blue color and Cookies logo make this G Pen Connect stand out in the crowd.

Dr. Greenthumb X

The Dr. Greenthumb X limited-edition Connect was made in collaboration with LA-based rapper B-Real. The fully customized Connect comes in a visually stunning display case and includes the Connect Battery, housing, tank and a hemp travel case.

Dr. Greenthumb X has a green design with gold accents. It’s a beautiful addition to any collection.

Lemonnade X

The Lemonnade X special edition was designed in collaboration with Bay Area-based rapper Berner. This limited-edition release comes in a yellow lemonade color with the Lemonnade logo. It’s fully customized and includes a Connect Battery, housing, tank and a convenient hemp travel case.

How To Use The G Pen Connect

The G Pen is easier to use than you think. Once you’ve gotten through your first session, you’ll see how intuitive the design is and how simple the process can be.

  • First, attach the glass adapter to the glass connector.
  • Place the device into the dab rig.
  • Remove the tank’s cap, and place your dab into the bowl.
  • Reattach the cap and attach the battery.
  • Press the battery button five times to turn on the device.
  • Press the battery button twice to start up the automatic heating function.
  • Press the button three times to change the voltage level.
  • Once the device is heated up, press and hold the carb release button for more airflow.
  • Inhale, and enjoy.

You can also adjust the temperature manually by pressing and holding the battery button for 15 seconds. The G Pen Connect has three temperature settings and an extended draw mode. Choose the heating mode that best suits your style, or experiment to find the right one for you.

Maintaining and Cleaning

The G Pen is a simple device, which means that cleaning and maintenance are also simple. The only thing you’ll need to clean regularly is the ceramic bowl.

Just wipe the bowl clean with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

For sticky residue, turn the device onto its highest voltage setting in manual heating mode. This will burn off some of the leftover residues.

Maintenance really is as simple as keeping the bowl clean. Of course, you don’t have to do this after every session, but doing it regularly will ensure that you enjoy the best-tasting vapor.

Constructed for the Best Vapor Quality

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The G Pen Connect is designed to be discreet, offer great vapor quality and last for years. A metal body makes the pen durable yet sleek. And there’s a matte black finish option that makes it difficult to distinguish this item from a small electronic device.

However, the one area that does look a little odd is the battery.

Battery Life

Maintaining long battery life is crucial for anyone using the G Pen. You don’t want your G Pen Dab rig dying right when you go to use it. The Connect’s largest component is the battery, which neatly attaches to the rest of the unit magnetically.

The battery boasts:

  • 850 mAH
  • 10 – 15 sessions per charge
  • 100% rechange in 1 – 2 hours

You’ll recharge the unit using a standard USB-C, so you likely have cords for the device already. For most people using this pen, it will last for an entire day or longer, depending on your usage habits.

For such a small device, the battery packs a lot of life.

And the battery does one more thing: it adds to the quality of the vapor.

Vapor Quality

Since we are coming over to portable devices from high-quality desktop units, vapor quality is a big hurdle for these smaller devices to meet.

With the strong battery in the Connnect, this allows you to produce large clouds right out of the box. The vapor is tasty, but you’ll need to spend time experimenting to find a taste that you really like. For example, the temperature setting can go to extreme levels of heat, causing the flavor to suffer.

However, some people like the flavor that higher temperature ranges produce.

It’s a personal preference, but with high-temperature versatility, you can change the unit’s temperature to your own preference. The Blue (3.1V), Green (3.6V) and Red (4.1V) voltage settings come in handy here because they offer great control over the heat ranges you use.

We recommend starting at Blue and slowly increasing the temp range until you find a flavor that you really like. Here are a few hints on flavor:

  • Blue is our choice for the most flavor, yet clouds are less dense.
  • Green is a good middle-ground and offers flavor balance.
  • Red is tricky because the highest setting impacts flavor significantly, but the clouds are really dense.

And speaking of flavor, we do want you to keep this in mind:

  • Follow the cleaning and maintenance tips above
  • Ceramic is known for holding onto flavors
  • Regular cleaning allows you to maximize taste

Vapor quality is superb, and if you clean your G Pen Connect often, it will produce the utmost in flavor.

Portable and Discreet

Portability and discreetness are important for many people trying to dab without being noticed. The G Connect does require either a j-hook or bubbler, which make it slightly less portable, but it’s still relatively compact.

Compared to a regular dab rig, the unit is about 50% smaller, so it’s about as compact as anyone can hope.

Easy to Use

G Connect is really easy to use, and this is the main selling point for anyone trying out this unit. With minimal feature options, the unit is simple enough for anyone to use, pass it around the room to friends and not have to worry about complex functions breaking over time.


  • Load it up
  • Pass it around

With G Connect, you’ll find the features you need with a low learning curve that allows everyone to master using the unit in just one or two tries.

G Pen Connect Accessories

G Pen Connect Accessories
The Connect Tank Is A Must Have
  • Replacement batteries – or to have an extra for extended sessions.
  • Stündenglass Gravity Infuser. A 360-degree rotating infuser that uses gravity, opposing airflow technology and water displacement to create smooth draws and an immersive experience.
  • Male and female glass adapters in multiple sizes.
  • Connect tank. The tank has a reverse airflow design and ceramic heating element to reduce heat up time to a mere five seconds. If you want to improve vape efficiency, this is a must-have accessory.
  • Metal connector for glass.
  • Borosilicate Glass accessories in a variety of sizes and styles.

G Pen offers users a variety of accessories that can be used to enhance their experience. However, you do have to purchase each of these accessories separately, so it can quickly become addicting to get new take on your connect.

If there’s one accessory that we recommend, it’s the connect tank because it allows for rapid heating and a crisp taste.

When or if the original tank starts producing an odd flavor, this replacement is a lifesaver. While the infuser is also really nice, it’s not a must-have unless you’re looking for a more immersive experience when vaping.

G Pen Connect brings a world of flavor to every user in a small, discreet unit with exceptional power and flavor. If you want something different than the Dab X or Enail, this model is a great choice.