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Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold Blunt Rollers

Purple Rose Supply is a major supplier of Cannagar mold blunt rollers. The company’s unique molds make it easy to make your own Cannagar in just three easy steps. If you want to make your own cannabis cigar, you can with this company’s fast and easy molds and accessories.

Who is Purple Rose Supply?

Based in Las Vegas, Purple Rose has been featured in Herb, LA Weekly, CannabisNow and tons of other publications. The company is known for making it simple for consumers to roll their own cigars with high-end molds and accessories necessary to make the perfect Cannagar.

What is a Cannagar?

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A Cannagar is a newer term that is short for cannabis cigar.

Creating your own Cannagar must be done methodically using:

  • Compression
  • Skewers
  • Rolling

Use hemp or cannabis leaves, compress them around the skewer and enjoy a flavorful roll that will last for hours.

Cannagar vs Thai Stick


Cannagars and Thai sticks are similar, and the Thai stick is the predecessor to the Cannagar. Originally found in the 70s, the Thai stick involved wrapping cannabis on a skewer, adding opium on top and then letting the stick sit for months while it cured.

The main difference between the Cannagar and Thai stick is that Cannagars use cannabis or hemp leaves and leave out the opium.

How To Make a Cannagar in 3 Easy Steps

With gear from Purple Rose Supply, you can make a Cannagar in just three simple steps. Here’s how:


1. Pack

The first step is to pack your Cannagar.

  • With your CannaMold in hand, use the latch to lock the mold.
  • Insert the skewer through the bottom hole – pointy end first.
  • Place some herb into the mold funnel, and pack it in using the packing tool.
  • Add your material gradually, and continue packing it in to ensure maximum compression.

The tighter the pack, the slower your Cannagar will burn. So, don’t be afraid to press down hard when packing in the material.

2. Cure

Now that you’ve packed and compressed your Cannagar, it’s time to let it cure.

Here are some tips for curing:

  • Store your mold in a dry, cool place.
  • The longer you let your cannabis cigar cure, the smoother and longer the burn.

Cure times will depend on the size of the mold. While you may have your own personal preferences, here are some general guidelines for each mold size:

  • Mini and Personal: No cure time is needed, but curing will extend your burn time.
  • Small: A minimum of 3 hours, but overnight is recommended.
  • Large: A minimum of 12 hours.

3. Wrap

Once your Cannagar has finished curing, it’s time to wrap it up. Here’s how:

  • First, unlock your mold and carefully remove the Cannagar core. Use your thumbs to roll it out very gently.
  • Wrap up your cigar with the wrap of your choice. Hemp leaves are the traditional choice.

If you want, you can add wax or concentrates to the outside of the core. All that’s left to do is attach the wooden tip, remove the skewer to create airflow, light up and enjoy.

Cannagar Molds

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To make a Cannagar or weed cigar, you’ll need the right mold. Purple Rose Supply has several molds to choose from, including:

  • Mini: Holds 1g and has a 30-minute burn time
  • Personal: Holds 2-4g and has a 1-hour burn time
  • Small: holds 3.5-7g and has a 3-hour burn time
  • Large: Holds 10-14g and has a 6-hour burn time
  • Napalm x PRS (limited edition): Holds 3.5-7g and has a 3-hour burn time

You can also buy bundles that include different mold sizes and accessories.

Cannagar Accessories

Purple Rose Supply has just about everything you need to start using your own personal joint roller. Their accessories include:

  • Whole-leaf hemp wraps from some of the top brands
  • Cleaning and maintenance kits
  • Hemp shells
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Wooden tips
  • Rolling glue
  • Humidity control packs
  • Hemp wicks
  • More

The only thing you’ll need to supply is the weed.

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Purple Rose’s weed roller and Cannagar molds change the way people smoke – for the better. If you want to level up your smoking experience, you’ll never go back to rolling again. Purple Rose created a refined way to smoke that will have you questioning how you ever smoked before.