Herbalizer Steamroller

Herbalizer Steam Roller Review

Standing 9 inches tall, the Herbalizer SteamRoller is the ultimate accessory for the Herbalizer vaporizer. Made from hand-blown glass, this steamroller will take your vaporizing to the next level.

Glass provides a pure, clean, smooth and intense hit with a rich flavor.

Herbalizer’s SteamRoller boasts a sleek design, with the hand-blown glass featuring the Herbalizer logo. A carb is also included to make each draw a pleasure and give you more control over inhalation.

The bottom of the steamroller is designed to fit perfectly over the Herbalizer’s magnetic bowl. The bulit-in rubber cool grips create a seal, while the inner chamber cools and diffuses the vapor.

Why Choose the SteamRoller?


The SteamRoller is sold as a separate accessory for the Herbalizer vaporizer, and it fits perfectly over the vaporizer’s magnetic bowl. If you’re looking to enhance your vaping experience, this glass attachment offers many benefits.

Pure, Rich Flavor

The SteamRoller’s glass design allows for a pure, rich flavor when taking draws. The Herbalizer allows you to use a whip attachment or bags when vaping, both of which do not use glass. While both are made with high quality materials, the glass still provides the most unadulterated flavor.

With this glass attachment, the vapor is lighter and more flavorful compared to the whip or bag.

Carb for Inhalation Control

The SteamRoller gives you more control over each inhalation. When you’re drawing from the Herbalizer, the carb hole allows you to fill it up and clear it whenever you want.

Cools and Diffuses Vapor

The SteamRoller also comes equipped with an inner chamber that diffuses and cools the vapor for ultra-pure and smooth hits.

How to Use the SteamRoller

The SteamRoller attachment is easy to use. Because it’s designed for use with the Herbalizer vaporizer, it fits perfectly on top of the magnetic bowl.

When you’re ready to start your session:

  • Turn on the Herbalizer.
  • Set your desired temperature.
  • Pack your chamber bowl.
  • Connect the magnetic chamber bowl to the vaporizer.
  • Connect the SteamRoller to the chamber bowl. It should easily connect and create a seal.
  • Draw, and enjoy.

The Herbalizer heats up very quickly, and you should start seeing vapor as soon as you attach the SteamRoller. While drawing from the glass, use the carb hole to control the inhalation. Fill up and clear it as you see fit.

SteamRoller Reviews?

Is this glass accessory worth buying?

Read through the SteamRoller reviews, and you’ll find plenty of people saying positive things about this glass attachment.

For those complaining about leaking bags, the SteamRoller offers a great alternative. In group settings, this glass attachment excels and allows you to use it with company without having to tend to a whip the entire time.

Users also love the that the inner chamber keeps the vapor cool, so you get fewer harsh hits.

There are few complaints about the SteamRoller, and many people have replaced their bags and whips completely with this attachment.

The pure, rich flavor produced by the SteamRoller allows you to get the best flavor out of your Herbalizer vaporizer.


Herbalizer Steamroller