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StoneSmith Slash

StoneSmith Slash may be the best concentrate vapor pen on the market in 2021/2022. But, even if you’re an industry expert, you might be scratching your head wondering “who is StoneSmiths?”

StoneSmith is a Canadian company that entered the vaping scene with the goal to change the way we vape.

And they’re taking a different approach.

The manufacturer focuses on quality, craftsmanship and precision. There’s also USB-C charging, which makes the Slash a potential PuffCo killer.

StoneSmith Slash Dab Review

First Impression

First impressions of the Slash are positive. It’s easy to use, discreet and produces big clouds with pure flavor. This dab pen is well-built, and the airflow system is part of what makes this pen stand out.

Quality and Durability

The Slash is built completely out of premium zinc alloy to ensure maximum durability. This dab pen is tough and rugged, which makes it perfect for on-the-go use. And you can’t argue with the sleek, metal design.

While the quality of this wax pen is impressive, the mouthpiece does get hot after a long session. And if you overfill the bowl, you could wind up with some wax (never a good experience).

How It Works

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The Slash has a unique airflow path that prevents leaks and keeps an ideal flow. This dab pen uses a top airflow system, and the design is patent pending. The top flow design circulates air from the bottom of the ceramic bowl. This maximizes flavor and keeps the airflow path from getting clogged.

The ceramic bowl also helps create a pure flavor while producing huge clouds. Heat is evenly distributed inside of the chamber.

One thing that we really like about this dab pen is the magnetic cap. Other dab pens have threading that can get sticky or corroded over time. But the magnetic cap makes it quick and easy to fill and start using it.

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To power up the pen, just tap the device five times. Three taps will change the temperature.

When you’re ready to go, hold down the fire button to heat things up. Double tapping the fire button will put the pen into auto mode, which will heat things up to your desired temperature for 12 seconds.

The mouthpiece has an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable to use the pen at different angles.

StoneSmith includes a loading tool to make your life easier, and the removable silicone attachments are easy to clean.

Temperature Adjustments

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The Slash has three temperature modes:

  • Red: High
  • Green: Medium
  • Blue: Low

While StoneSmith doesn’t give any details on the temperature ranges for these settings, they are more than sufficient.

Vapor Quality

The ceramic bowl and unique top airflow system help produce serious clouds with pure flavor. The 12-second auto mode also makes it great for sharing or deep inhales.

The Slash comes with an extra loading tool that allows for an optional airflow intake.

The coil-less ceramic bowl produces the best flavor on the two lowest settings, but if you really want big clouds, the high temperature setting will get you there. The flavor diminishes pretty quickly on the highest setting, but in exchange, you get some great cloud production.

The mouthpiece has air intake holes, which allows for cool, smooth draws. And if you want bigger clouds, just cover the holes with your fingers.

Portable and Easy to Use

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Want discreetness? You can’t beat the Slash. Small and sleek, the unit comes in a silver or black exterior. The high-end zinc alloy is lightweight and strong, and the built-in loading tool means that there’s one less thing for you to carry around.

Just getting started and don’t know much about temperature adjustments?

You can switch to auto mode and not worry too much about temperature. When you’re on the go and want to rapidly take a hit, the fast-heating option is crucial. You can even minimize the cloud production on the two lower settings, which allow for an almost hidden vaping session.

Auto mode has two settings to pick from, but if you want to change temperatures, you can adjust between three main settings.

Cleaning is Also Easy

We can’t mention a dab pen being easy to use without making mention of cleaning. If you’ve ever overfilled your bowl or had to clean out a clog, you know how annoying it can be to clean a dab pen.

StoneSmith’s Slash is easy to clean with:

  • Easy to remove mouthpiece
  • Three-piece mouthpiece that allows you to clean out the:
    • Dab tool
    • Metal body
    • Silicone top

The unique airflow design makes it really difficult to clog the unit with concentrate.

Notes on the Battery

The Slash comes with a 1000mAh battery for long-lasting power. And you’ll never be left guessing when the unit needs recharging thanks to the battery indicator. The indicator will alert you when it’s time to pull out your USB-C charger and charge your pen.

Final Thoughts

StoneSmith’s Slash gets the edge over the PuffCo, and if you’re thinking “well PuffCo has a rubber mouthpiece,” it doesn’t make it better. Hear me out. The Slash has a magnetic mouthpiece, but since you need fewer hits with the Slash, it never gets too hot.

If you’re used to overfilling and wax getting everywhere, the bowl of the Slash is larger, which makes it harder to overfill.

There’s also a rubber piece that can go over the mouthpiece that keeps it cool and doesn’t clog. If you’ve tried the PuffCo, you know that it clogs easily. You don’t have to worry as much about the Slash clogging up.

Slash is discreet, easy to clean and built well.

Heating in 12 seconds is a gamechanger for on-the-go vaping sessions, and you can lower the settings for minimal cloud production. One minor complaint is that the built-in dab pick tool is great, but it’s a little on the short side.

StoneSmith also includes an extra loading tool and silicone mouthpiece. If you’re going to soak your mouthpiece with alcohol for a nice, deep clean, this gives you an extra means so that it won’t interrupt your vaping session.

It’s the best concentrate vapor pen we’ve tried.

Where to Get a Dab Pen from StoneSmith

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